At Northwest Medical Center, we want your admission and dismissal to be as easy and convenient as possible.

Your admission has been arranged through your physician and care team. Once admitted, you’ll be asked for information related to your hospital stay.  Admission takes only a few minutes, and less time if you’ve been a patient in our hospital on another occasion.  During this time, please feel free to ask questions about your hospital stay or any concerns you may have. All of the information exchanged during your admission will remain completely confidential.

When you are admitted to the hospital, we strongly urge you to have a friend or relative take your personal valuables home with them.  If it’s necessary for you to keep an item with you, your nurse can arrange to have it stored for you until you are ready for discharge.  Items such as dentures and eye glasses should be kept in protective cases when you are not using them.

The nurse coordinating your care will be visiting with you after your admission to discuss any possible discharge needs.  You have the right to participate in your discharge plan, including the selection of service options and the agencies that provide those services.  Your nurse will ensure that all of your discharge needs are met.  We want to make sure that your discharge plan is complete, and that you have all the necessary information and arrangements prior to leaving the hospital.  Therefore, once your doctor writes an order for your discharge, you can expect a delay prior to being released.  This delay varies with each case, but your nurse will keep you informed of an approximate time for your discharge.

Once this process is complete, and you are ready to leave the hospital, you may contact Northwest Medical Center's business office at the main lobby to discuss charges and payment options.

When you leave, you will receive a copy of your official release, along with any “take home” medications and special instructions.  A member of our nursing staff will escort you to the exit of your choice.  Thank you for choosing Northwest Medical Center.  It is our priveledge to serve you and your healthcare needs.