Your Room


Every NMC patient room has a telephone. Patients are assigned a designated telephone number for personal use.  Local and long distance phone calls can be made from your room.  Nurses and caregivers will inform you of your personal number and calling instructions. 

Room Service

NMC provides each patient, who is able to participate in the room service program, a menu located on the bedside table.  This menu includes breakfast, lunch, and supper selections.  To place an order, simply call the dietary department at ext. 1216 with your meal selections. To ensure that we are able to provide your meal in a timely manner, please call the dietary department with your order at least one hour prior to your desired meal time.


A television set with remote control has been placed in each patient room as a complimentary service.  We hope this makes your stay more enjoyable.


NMC has movies available for viewing in your room.  When a movie is playing, it will be available on channel 32 on every patient television.  You may bring in your favorite movie to watch privately or share with others, as long as it is suitable for patients of all ages. 

Free Wireless Connection

Your nurse or caregiver will provide access information.

Clean and Comfortable

NMC's Environmental Services caregivers have taken every step to make sure each patient room is  clean and comfortable.  If you have any concerns about the cleanliness of your room, please discuss them with a nurse or caregiver as soon as possible.