An athlete treating athletes – Pete Dawson, MD

Athletes in northwest Missouri and adults in need of physical medicine and rehabilitation will notice a new face at Northwest Medical Center (NMC). Peter Dawson, MD, is now seeing patients one day a week.

Dawson is familiar with the northwest Missouri area. After growing up in Maryville, Dawson decided to join Mosaic Life Care in St. Joseph, and then added Albany to his practice. “Once I started here, it was so natural for me, the people are awesome,” says Dawson. “The facilities are outstanding, and the care we are able to give our patients here is as good as you get anywhere.”

Some diagnosis Dr. Dawson will see include sprains and strains, joint pain and injuries, arthritis, running injuries, and trigger fingers, among others. Procedures include joint injections, soft tissue, tendon, and ligament injections, ultrasound guidance, capsular distension for frozen shoulder and regenerative injections. 

“Being able to offer our patients a sports medicine doctor such as Dr. Dawson is huge for our community,” says Jon Doolittle, president of NMC. “Not only for our athletes, but adults who need physical medicine and rehabilitation care can benefit from these services close to home.”

Dawson is an athlete that enjoys running and endurance activities. “I’ve been able to take the many injuries I’ve had and apply what I’ve learned through my experiences and help people who are on the same path,” says Dawson. “Everybody wants to get better, athletes in particular. I’m fortunate to be able to be here at NMC in Albany to help those succeed in their recovery.”