Cared for like a family member – Care close to home

When Cassie McMillen’s six-year-old son Brady required dental surgery, being close to Northwest Medical Center relieved a burden on the family.

“As with any surgical procedure, he wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight.  Lucky for us, we only live 12 miles from the hospital, so we did not have to get up early and drive a couple of hours with a hungry kiddo,” says Cassie.

After the family checked in, Brady settled in with the medical staff who prepped him for his surgery. “Brady was nervous, but the surgery crew made him comfortable and did their best to take his mind off of the surgery,” says Cassie. “They gave him a stuffed animal, Rusty the Raccoon, and even let him wear a special Minion scrub cap. They had him smiling and laughing before he went back for surgery.  He even commented to me, “This is a lot of fun, Mom! I’m not scared at all!” 

Northwest Medical Center has the ability to perform numerous surgeries in Albany that make it easy for families to be with loved ones. “We are fortunate to have high-quality surgeons at the hospital that can perform everything from tonsillectomies, to dental care, to more complex surgeries,” says President Jon Doolittle, Northwest Medical Center. “We hear from our patients all the time how thankful they are we are able to offer this level of care.”

Cassie was kept up to date throughout Brady’s surgery and was able to see Brady in recovery. “When Brady woke up, he was pretty nauseated from anesthesia, so again, it was nice that we had a short drive home,” says Cassie. “From a mother’s perspective, it was reassuring to know that my son was being cared for as if he was a part of every single team member’s own family.”